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The Exhibitor Section of the ASGS consist of individuals associated with a Company who exhibits at the Annual Symposium of the American Scientific Glassblowers.


The Exhibitor Section is one of eleven sections of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS). For more information activities and section membership, contact one of the officers below.

Exhibitors Section Objectives:
(1)  To help symposium committee promote the symposium and exhibits using exhibitor resources.
(2) To keep exhibitors informed as to exhibit logistics before the annual symposium.
(3) To resolve potential problems in these areas.
Exhibitors Section Goals:

For 2003 the Exhibitor Section will be donationg $500.00 to the Audio/Visual Committee of the A.S.G.S.

Beginning in 2004 the Exhibitor Section has been sponsoring the cost of attendance to the Annual Symposium of a Junior or Student Member of the A.S.G.S. An application for this sponsorship can be found here.

For more information on activities and membership, contact one of the officers below..


Section Officers

(510) 430-0806 Ext. 11
(800) 822-3341

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